Stanmer House

Ellie and I took a stroll though the cow fields to take tea at Stanmer Park, not dis-similar to a modern-day scene of Pride and Prejudice. With the place full of mostly families or groups of mothers, there was little hope of us finding our Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingly.



Proud Caberet

A night out at Proud Caberet, excellent excuse to dress glam and gorgeous. Really fun night, the food was reasonable, service was good, didn’t have to wait too long between courses. The show was a touch under whelming, the hostess was so much fun, best act was the hula hoop lady, Chi Chi Revolver. I guess I was expecting a chorus line, the venue is quite small and intimate, a chorus line might not work in the space? The dinner, the show, it all set the mood and it was a brilliant night, the music was all guilty pleasures, the company fantastic.

What a good looking group!
What a good looking bunch!


Second time round trying to see Kooza, new Cirque du Soleil show in London this year. For all the trouble we had to re-book, most of the seats were empty.
Good music, good performances, makes me want a strong fit body. A little confused by the concept, the acts/ musicians seemed to be pirate or voyage themed, inspiration from Middle East, Asia. Yet the clowns were along a different theme. It did all came together at the end.