Special Patch

Can’t say too much about this project as I’ve made this square as part of a bigger group project for a wedding I’m going to this year.



Local Raspberry Pi Talk

At build brighton for a local group RaspberryPi event, loads of old computer equipment everywhere, mingled in with a glitter ball and a gaggle of rubber duckies dotted around the room. The actual talk itself was like a foreign language, I understood the words, no idea of the meaning. Did play part of the Quake tournament, and didn’t very far!!


Royal Pavillion Ice Rink

We’d been talking about it for ages, we finally got together and went ice skating outside the Royal Pavillion, as it’s end of season it’s only a fiver for students and a lot quieter than it would have been around Christmas. It’s on till the end of Feburary and I definatley want to come back and have a coffee in the cafe.