Raising Copper

Today, I learnt to anneal and raise a copper bowl.



Sussex Beer Festival 2013

Out in Hove town hall for the Sussex beer festival with a few friends. The town hall is a very 70’s looking building, a lot of the more interesting beers had already been drunk, I tried a couple of ciders, a perry, a few ales and stouts. I quite liked the darker more chocolate/coffee tasting ales. Collected up a few of the glasses to take home, shared a bratwurst sausage, then on to the Forager.



We are Tuffmen!!

Race day is here!! 8km running around Ashdown forest, in the snow, it started snowing the night before, stopped overnight, then it snowed throughout the race, brrrrrrr it was cold.

We arrived quite early, registered, got a coffee and watched the people set up, warm up. As with all these events I’ve done, there always looks to be very serious people entering, I’m glad I had Petra to run with!! The trail was really pretty, through the trees and by the lakes. Loads of mud