Spring Might Actually Be Here?

I have a mountain of work to do yet, I am not nearly as worried as I feel I should be with only about five weeks left till final submissions. I believe it is due to the fact that as Spring is so late this year, it might be middle of April on the calender but outside it looks like February, there are still no leaves on the trees and the flowers have only just started to come out. The clocks have gone forward now and it is so nice in the early evenings now. Today was the Brighton Marathon, I had a pretty lovely Sunday. Car bootie in the morning, lunch at the marina, pub for coffee, sitting on the beach in the sunshine.



Game of Thrones

I discovered Game of Thrones on the plane home from Singapore. Hannah and I watched six whole episodes of season one, it’s good. Way better than watching a movie. I spent most of today watching the rest of season one and season two, perfect for what was a really miserable, rainy day.


Coffee and a Catch Up

Having left Brighton for two whole weeks, very much-needed a catch up with Brighton lovelies, in the Foundry. Lovely, little pub in the north laines, got a bit sweaty hot at one point and, I know it sounds silly, I couldn’t work the toilet door. It seemed to be locked and I don’t want to be the person that pushes way too hard when the door is obviously locked, so I stood and waited patiently, turns out, the door leads to a sink area, it just needed a big push to get though.