Teapot & Shopping in Jew Town

Got up very early with the intention of attending a yoga class where we watched the performance last night. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to arrive or appear to be leading the class.

Early mornings are a lovely time of day, cool, still, walked among streets track to the main Bazar road. Spied a roti man and went over for one and a chai. Mum was right, the rotis I’ve had in Kerela are just not as good as the ones in Malaysia. My one this morning was just served on its own, no curry!


Very rainy which cancelled our beach plans, stayed local and went to Teapot cafe. Cute little place, full of different teapots!

Headed back towards Jew town to revisit a scarf I couldn’t stop thinking about. ‘Looking is free,’ the whole area around the Dutch Palace felt much busier than the previous day. Possibly due to all the tour buses and Japanese tourists on them.

Wanted to try an Ayurvedic Massage, a bit weirded out by my whole experience.




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