Took a walk to Jew Town in the heat. Kochi is not as cool as Bangalore. The synagogue and Mattancherry Palace are closed Friday. Bazar road had lots of interesting little traders from sacks of rice to baggy pants and floaty tops for the tourists.

Took a break in an antique shop that right at the back had a spacious seating area and a lovely view of the sea.

I have my eyes on the silk scarves I see floating in the humid air.

Kochi is a relatively small place and easy to get around with a lit less hassle than New Delhi. Walked along the sea front to take in the Chinese fishing nets and ocean breeze, a sea food seller showed us giant prawns with beautiful blue legs.

An evening of culture at a Kathakali performance. Elaborate make-up and costumes to tell a Hindu story. A colonial drink in the Old Harbour Hotel and a heated discussion about coconuts, before the beer with dinner hunt, which was more successful than the previous nights hunt. We were given a mixture of reasons why there was no beer; too close to a school, police station, church, it’s the beginning of the month, all of the above. I wasn’t particularly keen on finding beer with dinner but where we ended up served us some really good food.







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