Best Weekend!


A great end to a brilliant weekend, Saturday night went to London for a friend’s thirtieth birthday party at The Balham Bowls Club, caught up with some uni friends. At the party guests were asked to bring thirty of something fun to share and swap with other guests. I brought thirty laser cut snowflakes and came home with an impressive collection of, among other things, sweets, a cake on a stick, a toy dinosaur and bubbles. Caught the last train home from to Brighton and the sensible side of me should have just gone home at a respectable one in the morning. Yet, instead, my reckless side over-ruled and I continued on out with a few housemates to Legends… I was in Brighton anyway! A few shots and a bit of dancing, all of a sudden it was four thirty in the morning and start the long trip home on the last N25 of the evening which got me to bed for half five. As my friend in MK likes to often call me, ‘filthy student’, I will accept this label this evening. Sunday we went to The Snowdrop Inn in Lewes for our flat Christmas lunch and present exchange, best time to get a roast and be together as a flat for early Christmas. It’s not often we are together as a flat and it was really nice. 


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